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        AVIT - The Expert of DVB Solutions
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        DVB-C HD receiver

        DVB-C MPEG-4/H.264 HD Receiver with Conditional Accessing System. Could be customized. For export only.


        1. Conditional Accessing System supported Irdeto/Conax/AVIT
        2. Adopt the powerful chip STi7101 Speed: 266MHz
        3. OS Linux
        4. MPEG-4 AVC high profile level 4.1/MPEG-2 MP@ML
        5. DDRAM Memory 128/256Mbytes (optional)
        6. Flash 128Mbit
        7. HDMI 1.3 Output
        8. USB 2.0 Interface (for browse PIC and Upgrade SW)
        9. 10/100BASE-TX Ethernet Interface
        10. Fully DVB-C compliant
        11. 2000 channels TV and radio programs
        12. Fully support 7 days of electronic program guide (EPG)
        13. OSD teletext (DVB compliant) and subtitle function supported
        14. Automatic turn on/off by timer setting
        15. Teletext support by VBI insertion (only SD Scart)
        16. Multi-language supported (English, French, German, and Italian
           Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, 13 kinds of Languages.)


        AVIT - The Expert of DVB Solutions
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