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    AVIT - The Expert of DVB Solutions
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    AVIT SMS System

    AVIT OssPlanner is advancd DTV Subscriber Management System.


     Main Functions
     - DVB subscriber information management.
     - DVB business management, subscriptions and authorized, accounting management.
     - Full-featured customer service platform.
     - Statistics and analysis of customer information.

     High Availability

     - Designed in layer and distribution, the system scale of OssPlanner can be flexible adjustment according to the cable carrier’ business. OssPlanner could run in network environment or on a single server.
     - Support for remote access. The cable carriers can structure remote business hall or conduct business in community. Users could subscription services via the Internet.
     - Support abnormal events warning and processing with special modules.
     - Multi-language and friendly user interface, easy to use and maintain the system.

     Support Various Business Model
     - Support different billing methods for different business (Monthly, pay-per-view, on-time, etc.)
     - Support the concessions strategy according to different business.
     - Support prepaid and bank debit for different subscribers.

     Open Structure
     - OssPlanner could be run on any platform and database.
     - With open interface, OssPlanner could be integrated with various CA systems.
     - OssPlanner could expand more business by adding functional module.
     - The system capacity of OssPlanner can upgrade by increasing the number of database server.

     Efficient Database Interface
     - OssPlanner could operation the large volume of data efficiently with stable and high efficiency components.
     - The database interface is being in centralized management.
     - OssPlanner operate the database with buffer mechanism that could improve the system performance and stability further.


    AVIT - The Expert of DVB Solutions
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