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        AVIT Middleware

        AVIT Middleware System is the middle layer software which embedded in set-top box or IDTV, based on browser technology, support the basic DTV applications and the value-added services.



        AVIT middleware is the middle layer software which embedded in set-top box or IDTV, based on browser technology, support the basic DTV applications and the value-added services. Middleware applications are under the web page form, and can be dynamically changed without the restriction of the hardware platform and OS.

        The part between the Application Interface and System Porting interface is covered by middleware, and middleware itself can be divided into two relative layers, the lower layer working as the core functions and providing a group of the APIs to the above layer with language C. The above layer is based on the browser, it is an embedded web page, the browser using HTML and CSS to define and display the UI, and using JAVASCRIPT to fulfill interactive operations and dynamic applications. The external interface provided by the middleware is in form of JAVASCRIPT, for the JAVASCRIPT is similar to JAVA, both are platform independent, the end user can download and run applications dynamically without relying on the hardware and OS.

        The System Porting Interface defined a unified interface, which shield the difference with the OS and hardware, so that the kernel of the middleware can be running on a variety of hardware and software platforms without any modification, and achieve the source code level platform independent.

        The Application Interface is the external interface of the middleware, it is actually composed of HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT, and JAVASCRIPT provides the control of applications and process of interactive operation. Since the middleware is based on browser, so the application of the middleware is a set of web pages. Comparison with the traditional C/C++ language, the HTML and CSS part like resource files, which control the output and display, the JAVASCRIPT part like C/C++ application source code for controlling the operations and processes. So that a page is equivalent to a software module, and a set of web pages equal to an application, and the browser itself, is equivalent to a GUI and OS.

         System Topology

         Software Structure

         Basic Applications
        The basic application is the replacement of the traditional STB functions by Middleware. For example:

         - Searching for channels and services
         - DTV and Radio channels
         - EPG display
         - Setting
         - Channel management, booking and favorate
         - GUI shifting
         Value Added Applications

         - Open screen picture
         - EPG advertisement
         - Channel list advertisement
         - Radio background floating advertisement
         - Pop up advertisement
         - TV magazine/newspaper
         - TV shopping
         - Multi-style TV homepage
         - Weather forecast
         - Traveling and tourism
         - Real estate
         - Restaurant and food
         - Car dealer
         - Films and movies (VOD)


        AVIT - The Expert of DVB Solutions
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