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              1. AVIT - The Expert of DVB Solutions
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                   DVB Solution
                Digital Broadcasting
                Interactive TV
                   DVB Application System
                Business Management
                VAS Application
                   Digital Headend
                Digital Head-End
                   Digital Receiver
                Digital Receiver
                ?Founded in year 2000, AVIT Ltd. is one of the leading DVB system providers in China. AVIT has provided DVB solutions to over 50 big network operators
                  AVIT signed agreement with fou..    (2016/3/22)
                  AVIT began building a new Medi..    (2015/9/28)
                  AVIT signed a cooperation agre..    (2015/3/27)
                  AVIT will participate in the A..    (2015/2/28)
                  AVIT exhibited smart terminals..    (2015/1/31)
                AVIT SMS System
                AVIT Middleware
                DVB-C HD receiver
                A1100H HD Encoder
                AVIT - The Expert of DVB Solutions
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