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        AVIT - The Expert of DVB Solutions
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         National Hi-Tech Corporation, awarded by China State Ministry of Science and Technology.

         Key High-tech enterprises of National Torch Plan, awarded by China State Ministry of Science and Technology.

        2006 Technology Innovation Award, by Shenzhen Municipal Government.

        The Most Growth Enterprises of China 2008, awarded by Standard Chartered Bank.

        Certificate of Network Access for Broadcast Equipment, by SARFT (China State Administration of Radio, Film & TV)

        Certificate of Approval for Digital TV Broadcasting Subscriber Management System, by SARFT.

        ISO9001 Certification, by TÜV

        CMMI-3 Certification, by QAI                             

        The Cisco Golden Certified Partner

        Strategic Partner of ARRIS

        The first phase of journal title
        AVIT - The Expert of DVB Solutions
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